We Rock Dis Dick

A kiss from her is one of the grave

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1. Please do not post those long ass surveys they will be deleted.
2. Don't post quiz results either. Keep that crap to your own LJ.
3. If you post pictures of yourself, put them under an LJ cut.Or they will get deleted
4. Do not write about your own personal life in this community, that's what your LJ is for.
5. Do not bash on people that are already a part of the community or i will ban the fuck out of you.
6. If already in community try to post something related to music.
7. Put your pictures under a lj-cut
+When applying+

1. You must be into hardcore, metalcore, metal or anything along those lines...meaning NO EMO KIDS
2. you have 24 hours to post your application or you will rejected.
3. When being rated, and someone puts something you dont like dont talk shit/bash back on the member remember they went through the samething you went through if you do so you will be rejected.
4. Do not vote or reply to any other application until i or one of the other MOD's stamp you.
5. NO lj-cut = automatic reject.
6. In subject line put: I rock dis dick
4.10Fav. Hardcore Bands:
5.Why should we give a fuck about you?:
6.How do we know you're not emo?:
7.What was the last album you bought?:
8.Are you straight edge?:
9.any piercings/tattoos?:
11.Last show you went to:
12.how did you hear about Call_To_Martyrs?:
13.Its time to Promote us in 3 journals [community or personal] and put those fuckers here:

[Insert 4+ pictures here under lj-cut]

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