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i rock dis dick.

+Application+ aaron
2.age: 17
3.location: lakewood, california
4.10Fav. Hardcore Bands: called to arms, blackheart eulogy, broken stems, sarcoma, reflux, with dead hands rising, horse the band, bury your dead, until the end, bound in blood.
5.Why should we give a fuck about you?: im so bad ass.
6.How do we know you're not emo?: i kill animals for sport.
7.What was the last album you bought?: the new unearth.
8.Are you straight edge?: yes.
9.any piercings/tattoos?:yes.
10.friend/girlfriend?: what the fuck!!??
11.Last show you went to: caliban, scars of tomorrow and nodes of ranvier, and more. it was the sickest show of all and those to come. did you hear about Call_To_Martyrs?: dantes told me.
13.Its time to Promote us in 3 journals [community or personal] and put those fuckers here:

[Insert 4+ pictures here under lj-cut]
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