michael (isunkvenice) wrote in call_to_martyrs,

1.name: michael
2.age: 19
3.location: vista, ca
4.10Fav. Hardcore Bands: underoath (old), norma jean, as i lay dying, darkest hour, tomra, taken, curlupanddie, tear the wings from, zao, every time i die
5.Why should we give a fuck about you?: cuz im a fucking beaner!
6.How do we know you're not emo?: i AM emo. haha dante, fooled you
7.What was the last album you bought?: taking back sunday - the new one
8.Are you straight edge?: nope
9.any piercings/tattoos?: lip pierced, and ears gauged to 4's
10.friend/girlfriend?: "girlfriend"
11.Last show you went to: warped tour. shut up.
12.how did you hear about Call_To_Martyrs?: dante's punk ass
13.Its time to Promote us in 3 journals [community or personal] and put those fuckers here: i will later. cuz imma go watch a movie. bitches.

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