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I Rock Dis Dick

3.location:miami, fl
4.10Fav. Hardcore Bands: atreyu, avenged sevenfold, every time i die, the bled, 24 hours to live (local), hating monroe(local), brooklyn, blindside, thursday, 36 crazyfists
5.Why should we give a fuck about you?: I don't give a shit if you do or don't.
6.How do we know you're not emo?: I kicked my boyfriends ass in the pit and whining all day is not my thing
7.What was the last album you bought?: Either Atreyu or From Autumn to Ashes
8.Are you straight edge?: No, but I'm not out of control either
9.any piercings/tattoos?: 2 on lobes, one cartilage. in the future i want eyebrow, lip, nose, and belly..tattoos i want angel wings on my back with a thorn garden
10.friend/girlfriend?: yes
11.Last show you went to: I was gone all smmer so i haven't been to any in a while, but I think the last one was a house party with sum pretty bad bands, but my favorites Hating Monroe and 24 Hours to live made it worth while did you hear about Call_To_Martyrs?: suicidenotes2u is on my friends list
13.Its time to Promote us in 3 journals [community or personal] and put those fuckers here:

[Insert 4+ pictures here under lj-cut]

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